At the base of the selection of our wines, there is the consistency of our philosophy, for this reason it is a continuous work in progress. Our priority is that the wine has a clear identity that reflects the environment in which it is produced mainly at the level of bio-diversity.

Many of the products that the club offers, are under a green key interpretation; some wines are certified organic and/or biodynamic ; all of them would have an ethics certification, if only one existed.

Wine Collection

Promo Brut (Copia)4
19,00 €
Promo Brut (Copia)
950,00 €
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925,00 €
Promo Riserva (Copia)
950,00 €
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907,00 €
Promo Gold (Copia)
950,00 €
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921,00 €
Promo Pas Dosè (Copia)
25,00 €
Promo Satén (Copia)
22,00 €
Promo Rosè (Copia)
28,00 €