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Le Bèrne (Montepulciano - Siena)

In Montepulciano there are numerous wine producers, so choosing one to buy from is never an easy task. In order to make our decision, we at in-wine observe the following criteria: quality of the tasting, production area, advice from locals and, why not – pleasantness.

The Le Bèrne farm has achieved excellent results on all fronts. It is led by the young Federico, who is completing a degree in oenology. He is already an excellent guide in the vineyard and in the cellar, so we are glad we had the pleasure of experiencing the authenticity of these wines first hand with him. If we ever had any doubts they were quickly dispelled after tasting the Vin Santo "Ada" from Malvasia grapes aged 8 years in small wooden casks in the special "vinsantaia" (a drying room dedicated specifically to the production of Vin Santo).

In the video below watch Federico talking about the family farm.


Subtitles available in Italian and English.