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IstintoSardo (Tortolì - Nuoro)

IstintoSardo is a young and dynamic tiny producer from Ogliastra, the central-eastern region of Sardinia.
From the beginning their aim was to find the perfect recipe for Mirto, the traditional myrtle-based liquor of this beautiful island.
A recipe that would match the original spirit of this liquor with a modern way of production.

It took them a long time but finally the achievement is remarkable: a craft spirit made with flash freezing of the myrtle berries and then cold infusion, all done with 100% manual work.

Ogliastra is one of the most authentic and untouched areas of Sardinia between the mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
A land where the myrtle plant grows healthy and strong waiting for wise hands to pick the berries and turn them into a natural, delicious liquor.