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Fattoria Svetoni (Montepulciano - Siena)

The beauty of the Svetoni estate is that it must be enjoyed in person: this majestic farm, built in the late 1700s, actually looks like a small castle and that is no coincidence since it was the home of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The beginning of its wine production dates back to 1865 and one would think that even then it was clear that Gracciano was the ideal land for Prugnolo Gentile, the variety of Sangiovese from which Vino Nobile of Montepulciano is produced.

Today the Fattoria Svetoni estate has 23 hectares of vineyards, a range of excellent traditional Tuscan wines and a grandiose boutique hotel that is be able to accommodate visitors and tourists in their newly renovated structure on this breathtaking property surrounded by vineyards.