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Cantine Tommasone (Lacco Ameno - Napoli)

Making wine in Ischia is not easy. That's why this is one of the so called "heroic viticulture" areas.
Here in the Island of Ischia, few miles from Naples, the viticulture has been started by the ancient Greeks because the local conditions are perfect: volcanic soil, altitude, pure air and the sea.
Everything here is set for having extraordinary wines.

Lucia Monti knows that very well. She took over the family winery in 2009 together with her husband Giuseppe Andreoli continuing a history that has spanned for four generations.

On the 16.5 hectares (40 acres) distributed among several crus Tommasone winery produces a very interesting variety of wines: from classic method sparkling to structured red wines, not forgetting the king of the local white grapes, Biancolella.

On these terraces built by local farmers to make viticulture possible the encounter between beauty and quality has no comparison.