List of products by brand Fattoria Nicodemi

Fattoria Nicodemi (Notaresco - Teramo)

On Fattoria Nicodemi's website you can read a quote by Jeremy Rifkin: "The organic farmer treats the land as a 'living community'".

This is a clear statement by Elena and Alessandro, siblings who took over the farm from their father in year 2000 and brought it to today's excellence. An excellence that is highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad, where Fattoria Nicodemi sells most of their wine.

Fattoria Nicodemi grows on 30 hectares on the Colline Teramane, in the Italian region called Abruzzo (central Italy): it's a beautiful landscape ideal for the vine with the Gran Sasso mountains on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other.

Elena and Alessandro decided to go for a full organic and sustainable way of working in full harmony with the territory. The organic methods are supported by a perfect ventilated micro-climate on a clayish and chalky soil.

Fattoria Nicodemi's wines are elegent and expression of the Abruzzo territory with strong personality.