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Sabresenò (Monti - Olbia)

The Sardinian Winery Sabresenò was born few years ago with a clear goal: to make an extraordinary Vermentino.

They took over an hectar of land with an average age of 25 years and started to work hard both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
High selection and low yields, clean work with stainless steel and patience gave the first results in few years with a Vermentino in which many experts and passionate winelovers fell in love with.

Sabresenò's vineyard is located in Monti, the historical area of Sardinia where Vermentino was originally born.
Here you can breathe the salt of the Mediterranean sea as much as the natural and peaceful feeling of the wild countryside.

So is Vermentino Argeste by Sabresenò, a tasty and layered white wine with very interesting capability of aging in the bottle (as we experienced in a winetasting with the winemaker).

A winery to discover and love.