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Marco Antonelli (Olevano Romano - Roma)

Visiting Marco Antonelli and his wife Bianca Petrellese is one of those journey where your gps suddenly gets lost and you start driving up and down in narrow countryside roads.

But it is definitely worth.
Marco and Bianca's house and winery are on top of the hill that dominates the vineyards in a beautiful landscape.

Just the time to say hello and calm down the dogs that got excited by the view of a family of wildboars on the other side of the hill and we are already sitting in the living room tasting Marco's wines.

All wines are organically certified and we can call them "natural" as they are produced with native yeasts, low sulphites and limited temperature control in the cellar under the house.

Marco Antonelli makes wines using the method inherited by his grandfather using what year by year grows best in the vineyard, meaning that wines can change very much between one year and the next (as it should normally be the case).

Marco Antonelli wines reflect and respect the territory as only few winemakers today are able to do.