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Podere Fornace Prima (Cerreto Guidi - Firenze)

The Bandinelli family has cultivated their lands for over 50 years, but since 2010 they have made a drastic decision: they transitioned to cultivation in a modern biodynamic farming system. A courageous choice that involves, for example, the introduction of biodiversity through the sowing of hundreds of plants between the rows, especially legumes. These plants with their release of nitrogen, provide natural fertilizer to the grapevines. The grapes grow incredibly healthy and robust without the need of any chemical intervention.

This hard work in the vineyard is balanced by minimally invasive techniques in the cellar, where with careful precautions Podere Fornace produces delicious, stable and organic certified natural wines. Moreover the Podere Fornace Prima wines can be enjoyed by vegans because no animal derivatives are used in the production.
In this short video Alessandro Bandinelli, owner of Podere Fornace Prima, talks about his farm.

(Subtitles available in Italian and English)