La Contrada di Sorano



Native white varietal, maceration on the skins, with complex herbaceous notes.

Typology: White

Grapes: Favorita

Alc: 14%

Serving temp: 10-12°

Format: 750 mL

The Contrada di Sorano is a young winery from Serralunga d'Alba that is already making its way into the hearts of many enthusiasts. The Favorita is a native Piedmontese vine that has been forgotten for years but which is now rediscovered by many producers who seek to get back in touch with their roots. Generally it is made for its bold taste, but Paolo and Cristina have chosen to leave the wine on the skins in order to increase the sugar concentration and give it more body. The result is a rich and fruity wine great for any meal.

See a short description in the video below.

(Subtitles available in Italian and English.)