Le Berne



Sweet wine from Malvasia grapes aged eight years in small wooden casks.

Typology: Sweet

Grapes: Malvasia pulcinculo, Grechetto

Alc: 12,5%

Serving temp: 16-18°

Format: 375 mL

If you don't love Vin Santo there is only one reason: you have never tasted the Vin Santo "Ada" by Le Bèrne. Produced from Malvasia grapes and left to rest in small wooden casks for 8 years in the special drying and aging room of Podere Le Bèrne. This Vin Santo is a carousel of aromas (caramel, raisins, apricot) and then of flavors (especially dried figs) . It can be enjoyed instead of dessert, even without cantucci (the typical dried cookies that normally accompany Vin Santo in Tuscany) - indeed, better without.

Watch Federico Fastelli from Podere Le Bèrne talking about it in the video below.

(Subtitles available in Italian and English)

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