Umbria is the little treasure in the middle of Italy. Not only about the landscape and the old towns (like Assisi, Gubbio, Perugia) but also for the wine.

On the beautiful hills of Umbria you can find pleasent white wines like Orvieto, made with Trebbiano and Grechetto grapes, while the most popular red vine is Sangiovese. But the most charecteristic grape and wine is definitively the Sagrantino from Montefalco. Sagrantino is a native vine from the South of Umbria, it’s the darkest Italian wine and at the same time one of the best.

Bocale is the winery we have chosen to represent Umbria on in-wine. Bocale is a totally familiar winery with a terrific passion for what they do. On in-wine you will find their Sagrantino both dry and Passito (and don’t forget the spectacular Grappa), Montefalco Rosso (made with a blend of Sagrantino and other grapes) and the white wine Spoletino.