Apparently the Greeks were the first ones to start producing wine in Campania when they occupied the region few centuries before the Romans.

Here the farmers are so linked to the traditions that nearly 100% of the grapes are autochthonous. The common denominator is the fertile ground but the climate changes a lot comparing the mediterranean costs with the cold mountain climate of the hinterland.

The most popular red grape is Aglianico, which in an area in the province of Avellino gives place to the famous Taurasi DOCG.

The biggest white grapes are Falanghina, Greco and Fiano.

For in-wine we have selected four wineries from Campania.

Rossovermiglio is located in the Sannio, province of Benevento, and produces high quality wines like a great Greco (marketed with at least 2-3 years maturation) and a very delicated Falanghina. Their Aglianico is very smooth thanks to the ageing in wood. Rossovermiglio produces two interesting sparkling wines as well made with Falanghina and Aglianico vinified in white. Definitively remarkable is thei Passito from Falanghina as well.

The second winery from Campania is Le Vigne di Rosa with an interesting Aglianico and two great whites: Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino, both produced in the heart of the DOCG areas.

The third is the historic winery Tenuta Cavalier Pepe that has been producing wine for thre generations and is now an example of sustainability and top quality.

And the fourth winery is Tommasone from the Ischia Island. A tiny production of very tasty and typical white, red and sparkling wines.