Emilia Romagna


If we talk about wine Emilia Romagna is historically the union of two very different regions.

Emilia is the land of light, sparkling wines like Lambrusco and Gutturnio that are such a perfect pairing to the local food.

If we move to Romagna we will find the typical varieties from middle Italy: Trebbiano and Sangiovese.

As a matter of fact Lambrusco is the king of this area. So much beloved and so much mistreated at the same time by producers who preferred to go for an easy to sell wine like if it was a soft drink.

Fortunately in the last 10 years young winemakers brought back the focus to quality and you can now find very nice Lambrusco.

Our passion for discovering niche wineries led us to allign with Lini 910’s project: a winery with more than 100 years of history now driven by the wise hands of the fourth generation.

Lini 910 never accepted to produce easy Lambrusco. They were among the first ones to use the classic method with bottle refermentation in order to produce quality Lambrusco and the big success of the last years showed that they were definitively right.