Marche is the region of Verdicchio. That is unquestionable. And it’s not only a matter of quantity: the quality growth of Verdicchio has been terrific both in the Jesi (closer to the coast) and in the Matelica (in the hills) area.

On top of Verdicchio other white grapes in Marche are Pecorino and Trebbiano, while we may not forget the importance of the red varietis: Montepulciano and Sangiovese mostly, but also some international vines have found here in this perfect hills arranged perpendicular to the coast the right terroir for growing.

On in-wine you will find one winery from Marche which bewitched us thanks to the contagious sympathy of the owner and the taste of the wines. We are talking about Cantina di Esanatoglia, in the area of Matelica. You can find an authentic and frank Verdicchio, a smooth and seductive Pinot Noir, and a white vinified Pinot Noir which is a big surprise from the first look (that amazing light pink color!) to that sapid and varying taste.