Veneto is italian biggest wine region in terms of quantity. Here wine is part of the popular culture and a glass of red or a glass of white will always be on the dining table.

There are no doubts about the most famous wines from Veneto: Prosecco, Soave and Amarone.

Prosecco is one of the most popular wines in the world thanks to its breeziness and favourable price. Soave is one of the biggest European vineyards with its 7.000 hectares (17.3 acres), while Amarone, produced in the surroundings of Verona, is an Italian excellence.

in-wine offers Casa Gialla‘s Brut, simple and unique, plus two Prosecco from Vini Costa: the Extra Brut (drier) and the Extra Dry (semi-dry).

From the Valpolicella area we have the honor of working with Le Marognole and sell their extraordinary wines: Amarone, Ripasso Classico and IGT El Nane (which is an Amarone under false pretences).

The last winery added to this region is Florem Vitis that is located at the foot of the Grappa mountains and produces PIWI wines (fungus-resistant).