The viticulture in the Italian northern region of Trentino is based on the red native vine Teroldego and the international white vines like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Müller Thurgau. Trentino has a long history of wine production behind, mostly based on quantity and only partially on quality.
Big exception is the sparkling wine made with the Champenoise method which took inspiration from Giulio Ferrari who started using this method at the beginning of 1900s. Still today Ferrari is one of the biggest producers of Trento DOC.
With our constant research work we had the pleasure to get in touch with Villa Corniole, a small high-quality winery from Giovo, right in the middle of the best wine area of Trentino. Villa Corniole has vineyards in Val di Cembra (applying the so called “heroic viticulture”) and in the Rotaliana Plain. Villa Corniole‘s way of working is firmly anchored to the traditions but in the cellar there is room for the most modern technologies. We offer five of their precious wines: Müller Thurgau, Pinot Grigio in a gorgeous coppery version, Teroldego and two types of Trento DOC, Brut and Pas Dosé.