The mission of in-wine is to set up a link between wine lovers and the small to medium wine producers in Italy.

Most of our wine producers are not large enough to be distributed through the large supermarkets and this is where in-wine comes in. We want to enable these wineries to reach the wine lover across the globe so they can discover new wines from excellent small producers. We are also wine lovers and you rest assured that we have thoroughly tasted and enjoyed all the wines we sell in our shop – we take this work very seriously and consider it privilege to share these wines with you.


Years ago I was told a funny story that went something like this:

It was snack-time at school. A young boy takes out his sandwich and grimacing, says: "Oh no, I don't like cheese!"
The little girl sitting next to him, looks at the boy and feeling sorry for him, says: "What a shame. Would you like to trade sandwiches with me? My mum made me a jam sandwich. "
"Yes, thank you," says the happy boy, and they exchanged snacks.
The day after the story repeated itself. "Oh no, cheese again! I don't like cheese! ".
And the girl said: “Wow, what a shame. Come on, let's trade them, I have a chocolate sandwich today ".
The children carry on in this way for a few days, until the girl, faced with yet another snack trade, says to the boy: "Look, I’m sorry, but can't you tell your mum you don't like cheese?".
The boy replies: "My mum? I make my own snacks".

OK, while it might not be all that funny, I must say that this story left an impression on me and over the years, I ended up drawing a life lesson from it. In the end, how many times are we to blame for being the cause of our own troubles? How many times do we repeat behaviours automatically without realising that not only do we not benefit from them, but that they’re actually damaging?
I started to apply this sort of philosophy to my way of life, starting from the choices I made in terms of what I eat and drink. And specially, when it comes to drinks. I realised that I would not be happy enjoying a drink without really having any in-depth knowledge about it. When it comes to wine, I want to be the one who chooses; to know what I’m buying and what I pour into the glass.
This is how I discovered that there is a hidden world of high quality winemakers whose wines will very rarely end up on our table by chance. One must go out and really look for them. Once I found them, I thought it was a pity that they did not have more visibility.
The above thoughts lead to the creation of in-wine to bring together wine lovers who do not wish to spend excessively but also those who produce great value wines but with a limited distribution.
We’d like to make it clear that we don't want to teach anyone anything. We are simply satisfied with the goal of creating a short-cut between wine lovers and quality winemakers to bring them closer together.
This means, on the one hand, visiting wineries, tasting wines and talking with winemakers and on the other, listening and interpreting the tastes of those who want to drink quality wines.
With this in mind, we’d like to state that we have personally tasted all wines sold on in-wine.
This is our way of working and our commitment.