Piedmont is the Italian region of the great red wines: Barolo and Barbaresco (both made with Nebbiolo grapes) first of all, but also Barbera which in the last years experienced a terrific growth in terms of quality and popularity. All these wines have in common a strong personality and are very much beloved by the passionate wine drinkers around the world.

Other remarkable grape varieties in Piedmont are Ruché from the Monferrato hills, which gives birth to a unique wine, and Dolcetto, which is the typical everyday wine of the locals.

For in-wine we have selected the extraordinary Barolo by Silvio Grasso (basic version and cru Vigna Plicotti), the amazing Barolo by Le Ginestre (from the Cru Sottocastello di Novello), the full-bodied by La Contrada di Sorano  and the typical Monforte style from Colle Manora  while for Barbaresco we propose Francone and Negro Giuseppe, both from Neive and very experienced .

The local red wines find great expression also as „simple“ Nebbiolo: in our shop you will find the elegant Vigna Granda by Ghiomo, the delicate bottle from Le Ginestre, the authentic version of Contrada di Sorano and the Barbaresco-like Monsù by Negro Giuseppe. We also have a representative from the amazing Roero area with the Nebbiolo Riserva by Ermanno Costa.

Barbera d’Alba is a well known treasure of Langhe. On in-wine you can find the Patriarchi by Francone, Silvio Grasso’s barrique version, Ermanno Costa’s Superiore and Pulin by Negro Giuseppe.

Negro Giuseppe and Contrada di Sorano offer their interesting Dolcetto as well.

The white wines are often obscured by the reds but it’s a shame because piedmontese white wines have reached an extraordinary quality level as well. The most common local varieties are Arneis, Favorita, Moscato (normally produced as dessert wine), Timorasso (the growing star), Cortese and Erbaluce.

For in-wine we have selected the Arneis by Ghiomo, Francone, Ermanno Costa and Negro Giuseppe.

Contrada di Sorano’s Favorita macerated on the skins is very special and so is Francone’s Nascetta with its exotic aromas.

And then Timorasso, the next big thing among the Italian wines. Tenuta Montemagno’s Solis Vis is a full and sunny expression.

in-wine offer of wines from Piedmont is completed with two „metodo classico“ (Champenoise method): Francone’s Valsellera, made with Chardonnay grapes and Tenuta Montemagno’s Brut TM24 from Barbera.

Piedmontese Grappa deserves a separate discussion. Here Grappa has been produced for ages and for in-wine we have simply selected the best and the oldest: Antica Distilleria d’Altavilla. On sale you will find Grappa di Barbera and Grappa di Malvasia, both unfiltered and matured seven years in wood casks.

In 2014 UNESCO added the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato areas to the World Heritage List for the beauty of the vineyard landscapes.