Sardigina is a region that loves wine. And if you look at the quantity and quality of the wine produced in Sardinia you might say that love is mutual.
Vermentino (white) and Cannoau (red) are the most popular vines produced all over the region. Vermentino is appreciated for the delicate aromas well balanced with minerality, while Cannonau is very rustic and powerful.
Sometimes unfortunately in Sardinia quantity takes the upperhand over quality, but if you have time and passion you will find extraordinary wineries.
For in-wine we have decided to work with:

- Tenute Gebelias in the Ogliastra area, one of the best for Cannonau. Tenute Gebelias lies on a beautiful plateau between the highest Sardinian mount (Gennargentu) and the fantastic blue of the Tyrrhenian sea

- U-Tabarka from the tiny island of San Pietro with ungrafted vines

We are also proud to have IstintoSardo, a tiny craft producer of Mirto, the famous and beloved liquor made with myrtle berries.