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Craft spirit with amazing flavours (Not available for the USA market)

Tipology: Spirit

Main ingredients: Star anise, Coffee, Vanilla, Mint, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Black tea, Elderflower

Alc: 33%

Serving temperature: Room temperature

Format: 0,5 L

Region: Trentino

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Cadello is a surprise at every sip. At first glance it looks like a cognac, on the nose it has hints of coffee with sambuca, but it is in the mouth that it expresses all of its complexity: after the star anise fragrance, flavours of vanilla and hazelnut arise, while in the end, the final taste is reminiscent of white chocolate. 

It's a totally unique product which took three years to be fully developed in the historic Pisoni distilleries (Trento).

Cadello is made by infusing and distilling 8 ingredients. The spirit is then aged in French oak barrels with coffee beans inside.

It will leave you speechless!
Cadello is best served straight at room temperature or on ice after dinner. Many bartenders around the world have created some truly unique cocktails with Cadello.