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Florem Vitis (Borso del Grappa - Treviso)

Making natural wines is a mission for the Bizzotto family that identifies them since the beginning of their viticulture adventure. But making it with PIWI-fungus resistant grape varieties is what makes the difference.

The PIWI varieties are plants that are the result of decades of experiments by crossing different Vitis in order to make them totally resistent to fungus and other typical vine diseases.
The wines made with PIWI plants don't have any pesticide and are a clear sign of what the future of viticuluter might look like.

In other words these wines are more organic than the organic wines.

Paolo Bizzotto made it possibile to produce totally natural wine from his grapes located 450 meters above sea level at the foot of the Grappa mountain range with greate climate conditions.
Florem Vitis wines are made with natural fermentation and are fruity, mineral and simply good also thanks to the great selection made in the cellar with high attention to the sustainability.