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Bocale (Montefalco - Perugia)

The Valentini family has always owned the vineyards in this area of Montefalco, Umbria and has always been called Bocale (which in the local dialect means two-liter mug). This region is famous for its Sagrantino wines and in 2002 the winery found new life when the latest generation of the family decided to devote more attention to the wine production focusing on the highest quality possible.

From that moment on, the growth in terms of quality has been exponential thanks both to the diligent work in the vineyard, where no pesticides and herbicides are used, to the care in the cellar (where only native yeasts are used). In addition, no animal derivatives are used in the wines (they are certified V -Label Vegan) and the vineyard employs meticulous the use of small French oak barrels to complete their painstaking process. The wines of Bocale are all an authentic expression of the territory and of a passionate craftsmanship.

The procedure for the organic certification has been initiated and will be completed in 2023.

Watch Valentino Valentini, owner of the winery, talking about his company in the video below.

(Subtitles available in Italian and English)