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Silvio Grasso (La Morra - Cuneo)

The town of La Morra is located halfway between Alba and Barolo territories and is one of the most loved areas by connoisseurs of the Nebbiolo grapes. Here there are many wine producers, each with their own defining characteristics. In-wine has chosen to collaborate with the Silvio Grasso company because their family style and genuine approach both towards the land and towards others: a way of working that on the one hand makes strong reference to the farming traditions of the past, but on the other hand is well aware that in 2020 wine is expected convey both authenticity and emotion.

Federico Alessio Grasso, son of the founder Silvio, now works on the 14 hectares of vineyards (about 35 acres) all planted with black skinned grapes and produces about 70,000 bottles a year, from Dolcetto to 6 different types of Barolo based on the strengths of each individual vineyard. This winery is a much-appreciated reality in the Langhe hill region and this fact makes us at in-wine particularly proud to have them as a partner.