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Negro Giuseppe (Neive - Cuneo)

The kindness with which Giorgio Negro welcomes you when arriving at the Negro Giuseppe winery is contagious and immediately puts you in the best mood to get in touch with a truly special piece of land. The cellar is extremely clean and tidy, adorned with beautiful objects. The highlight, however, is the tasting room: boasting a large window overlooking the hills "blanketed" in the rows of vines.

Giorgio, after years of experience as an enologist for other companies, founded the family business in 1984, continuing his family’s work of cultivating these lands since the 1950s. The wines of the Negro Giuseppe winery are characterized by a well-defined common trait. Each variety of vine finds its own place and best expresses its personality thanks to the utmost care in the vineyard and in the cellar.
In the video below you can watch Giorgio talking about himself and his winery.


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