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Tenute Gebelias (Lanusei - Nuoro)

Tenute Gebelias is Sardinia 100%. In this plateau of the Ogliastra region between the Gennargentu mountain and the Tyrrhenian sea everything is covered with vineyards and olive trees. 
Here in this land you can see historical traces everywhere you look: ancient Neolithic tombs, ruins of Nuragic villages, artefacts and so on. All legacies that you can find on the beautiful labels of the winery.

Nicola Loddo runs today Tenute Gebelias, a winery that has been producing wine for longer than one century with focus on local vines: Cannonau, Carignano and Vermentino.
All wines by Tenute Gebelias are very neat and authentic, very traditional and contemporary at the same time.


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