List of products by brand Cascina Massara Burlotto

Cascina Massara Burlotto Gian Carlo (Verduno - Cuneo)

The history of Cascina Massara dates back to the first years of 1900 when Andrea Burlotto was one of the first farmers to believe in Langhe, Nebbiolo and Barolo, and even more in the potential of Verduno, a small town located between Alba and La Morra with the typical Sant'Agata Fossil Marls soil that provide extraordinary wines.
Today it's Andrea's son Gian Carlo together with grandson Gianluca to lead the winery. With their serious and constant work they were able to make Cascina Massara a landmark for all Langhe.

The three versions of Barolo are of course the leading products but the real lovers of the tradition adore Burlotto's Pelaverga, a rare, cult variety of Verduno.