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Tenuta Montemango (Montemagno - Asti)

Tenuta Montemagno is a splendid estate in Monferrato region, an area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the hospitality of a high-level boutique hotel is combined with a stunning property surrounded by 100 hectares (about 250 acres) of vineyards comprised of mostly indigenous vines.

The grapes that are grown are closely linked to the territory with the Ruché and Timorasso varieties being the masters, both typical and unique. The Barbera and Grignolino, in addition to the international Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah complete an exquisite range with elegance as their common denominator. The clayey and limestone soil together with the south-west sun exposure of the vineyards are a guarantee of a high quality class of wines.


Subtitles available in Italian and English.