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Benforte (Cupramontana - Ancona)

Benforte is the winery established by Giuliana Campolucci in year 2012 and takes the name from a local tale made famous by the Italian writer Italo Calvino.
The title of the tale is "Giuannì Benforte" and is about a woodcutter who using his cleverness was able to defeat a giant who used to oppress the village.

You can read here the story in Italian.
Giuliana took this name because she liked the idea of the small winning over the big. And what could be more in line with the in-wine spirit than this?

Benforte is a tiny winery indeed with an annual production of only ten to twelve thousand bottles, but we perfectly know that what counts is the quality, not the quantity.
Benforte looks after the wines (and the olive oil) like they were children, be it Verdicchio (in different versions) or the red wine Puccio (Montepulciano 100%).

Happy to work with this winery with the same philosophy of in-wine: quality and craftwork.