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Giovanni de Blasiis (Viggiano - Potenza)

We had the pleasure to meet Giovanni on a gorgeous September afternoon and after a quick chat we moved straight to the vineyards.
That is the place where Giovanni feels at home and we had the same feeling walking through the vines, tasting the grapes and stumbling over the weeds that cover the ground. Yes, here the weeds are welcomed as they generate the right conditions for the biological war that helps the plants defend themselves without the use of any chemical treatment.
It is not certified but the production is even more than organic.

Giovanni's vineyards are in Viggiano, in the Italian southern region of Basilicata. In this region international vines are part of the tradition and they live happily with the native varieties.

The method of production used places Giovanni de Blasiis in the field of the natural wines: the wine is produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides, only native yeasts (eventually with the help of a pied de cuve), no additives, no clarifications, no filtrations.

Everything here is simple and natural, just like Giovanni's kindness.