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Podere29 (Borgo Tressanti - Foggia)

Giuseppe Marrano established Podere29 in year 2005 fulfilling a dream he has been cherishing since he was a child and used to walk on the saltworks of Margherita di Savoia with his grandfather in that part of Puglia called Tavoliere delle Puglie (a luxuriant land between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea).
The winery soon became organic and since the beginning focused on the most possible pure relationship with nature by growing plants useful to help the vine to defend themselves from diseases and parasites like i.e. rocket salad.
Here everything grows with the slow rhythm of nature with the best conditions for the vines: clay soil, strong thermal excursions, proximity to the sea.
Podere29 wines are elegant and savory confirmed by the big number of International awards they have won.