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Cantina Giara (Adelfia - Bari)


Few km far from Bari Cantina Giara makes wine since three generations. Once you would have called it farmer's wine, but now the production techniques have been improved and so is the wine. A wine that is today totally genuine, free from pesticides and chemical intervention.

Giorgio Nicassio, the owner of Cantina Giara, applied for the organic certification, but his vineyard has always been organic and biodynamic where nothing more than copper and sulfur are used against the parasites and bovine manure is used as fertilizer.

The choice of making "natural" wine, confirmed with the VinNatur membership, means very low yields, the use of nothing else than indigenous yeasts, the absence of filtration and clarification, the minimal addition of sulphites (or no sulphites at all).

The wines of Cantina Giara are totally healthy because they come from a healthy land and because the intervention of the winemaker is minimal: there is only a lot of work, passion and competence.


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