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Deltetto (Canale - Cuneo)

Deltetto is today recognized as one of the best expression of the Alta Langa classic method sparkling wines, a designation of origin that has take its first steps in the early 2000s and became DOCG in 2011.

But they history of the winery is strongly linked to Roero, the prestigious wine-growing area between Alba and Asti, and started in the last years of 1800.

Officially Deltetto has been established in 1953 with the production of the typical local wines: Barbera and Nebbiolo.
At the end of the 1970s young Antonio Deltetto started the grow of white vines setting the basis for today's modern winery as we know it today.

A winery that from 2017 is certified organic and keeps growing in the name of sustainability with practices such as green manure, grassing and fertilization with bovine manure in the vineyards, and cellar practices such as pied de cuve for starting the fermentation without sulphites, clarification only with products of vegetable origin and mechanical filtrations.

In Deltetto winery everything simply aims to reach the best possible quality.