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Lini 910 (Canolo - Reggio Emilia)

There are traces of Lambrusco in Emilia that dates back to year 70 B.C.
As a matter of fact this special, sparkling wine is strongly linked to this beautiful Italian region.

The family Lini started its Lambrusco history in 1910 wenn Oreste, the Grandfather of the current owners, started to turn the local grapes into sparkling wine helping it to become the most exported Italian wine.

But while Lambrusco grew its reputation into a light and soft drink, the Lini family decided to remain faithful to their idea of making quality wines with very little room for compromises. An idea based on the traditional method with bottle fermentation or alternatively on the Charmat method with at least 6 months "sur lies".

Not an easy line to follow at the beginning but totally succesfull in the end considering that in the last 10 years the re-birth of Lambrusco as quality wines did not take them by surprise and saw Lini 910 being appointed by Wine Spectator as one of the 100 best Italian wineries.

Lini 910 is a Lambrusco producer but also a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar producer, an elixir of luxury which is expertly aged in hundreds of precious wooden kegs.