List of products by brand U-Tabarka Tanca Gioia

U-Tabarka Tanca Gioia (Carloforte - Carbonia Iglesias)

The tiny Island of San Pietro, south-west of Sardinia, is so pure and immaculated that not even phylloxera made it here.
This means that the wines by U-Tabarka grow on the original European root (while more than 90% of the European vines are grafted on American root).

San Pietro is a small island of fishermen and winemakers full of Mediterranean bush on sandy soil.

U-Tabarka is a winery established by two friends with a great passion for tradition. The name Tabarka comes from the small Tunisian island that for long time was a Genoese colony before it had to be abandoned under the pressure of the pirates. The Genoese fishermen decided to move to San Pietro two centuries ago and still now speak Genoese dialect.

San Pietro is a volcanic island with a very favorable climate for the vineyards.

The U-Tabarka wines are a fantastic expression of this pure island.