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La Masera (Settimo Rottaro - Torino)

The history of the winery La Masera is so marvellous that it might sound fake: five friends with a common passion for the wine Erbaluce put together their competence and their money for starting a new winery.

When alchemies like this take the right path there is no obstacle that can stop them. 
Within a few years La Masera has become a point of reference in the Caluso area, which is that part of Piedmont North-East of Torino that originated from the glacier Balteo in the Quaternary period leaving behind a very fertile land perfect for the vine.

In this area Erbaluce is the most important production. A white vine typical from this little piece of Piedmont that is very much beloved by the expert winelovers thanks to its capability to age for many years becoming very rich in aromas and minerality.

La Masera is today a dynamic winemaker with 5 hectares around the Viverone lake taking advantage of the particular micro-climate that gives their wines an undisputed value.