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Bernardi (Refrontolo - Treviso)

It is not so difficult to make Prosecco when you are in the right place. But it is not that easy to make a great Prosecco, that is for sure.
Because it is not only about bubbles that we are talking about. We are talking about history, tradition and courage to remain pure when you face the huge Prosecco market that is trying to conform everything.

The Bernardi winery was established by Mr Mansueto Bernardi in 1960 in Refrontolo, few km away from Conegliano and today it is run by the third generation: Pierluigi and Adriano.

Here Prosecco means tradition and passion as much as devotion to the Martinotti method (nobody calls it Charmat here) with an obsessive control of the details.
And here the Bernardi winery, exactly in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG, shows its purest expression.