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Bèlon du Bèlon (Erbusco - Brescia)

The Franciacorta wine district is well known for quality sparkling wines with an incredible growth in the last years.

For selecting which Franciacorta winery we wanted to work with it was illuminating having a chat with Paolo Perin, the talented winemaker behind Bèlon du Bèlon. A winemaker who is always one step ahead with a remarkable attention to wine ageing.

Meeting Bèlon du Bèlon is a wonderful journey around the coolest and most delicate Italian bubbles. It's a tiny winery (only 7 hectares) but with an incredible character based on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Elegant wines available as Brut, Rosé and Saten (Saten is a typical method of Franciacorta for having a very smooth perlage) to best enjoyed at room temperature.