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Poderi Rosso Giovanni (Agliano Terme - Asti)

As was commonly done in the past, the historic cellars of Poderi Rosso Giovanni are located in the center of a small town in the province of Asti, Agliano Terme. The current owner of the family-run estate now at for third generation is Lionello Rosso. Here he will be pleased to show you, with all of his contagious enthusiasm for his work, where the barrels of Barbera are stored for ageing. And you will be surprised to find out that Barbera is practically the only wine they produce: a nonconformist choice in years where most wineries tend to broaden their range of wines more and more, but perfectly consistent with Lionello’s style and with this land which both love to focus on what they can do best.

The work in the vineyard is very respectful of the nature with hand harvesting and culling of inferior bunches to improve the quality. Thanks to the absence of chemical fertilizers and herbicides as well as the use of products with no or as little impact on the environment as possible, Poderi Rosso Giovanni has been awarded the SQNPI certification (an Italian government certification for farming practices that respect the environment, the workers and the consumers).