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Antica Distilleria di Altavilla (Altavilla Monferrato - Alessandria)

The Antica Distilleria di Altavilla is one of the oldest distilleries in Italy. It is located in Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria, and was founded in 1846 by Filippo Mazzetti. Today Alessandro Mazzetti (together with his brother Fabrizio) leads the company which is still family-run. If you go to visit him he will be happy to tell you all about the ancient distillation process that is still used today, the is discontinuous steam alembics and low pressure method. This method immediately distills the grapes just received so as not to lose their aromas and uses the pomace itself for combustion.

All of these are essential measures to ensure a high quality product, free of methyl alcohol and easily digestible. For grappa to be aged, the Antica Distilleria di Altavilla always sends their product to the Customs and Liquor Control Agency. The agency affixes the seals on the barrels and only when it is time to bottle will the Agency return to remove the seals. In this way, the distillery can certify that the grappa has absolutely not been manipulated with the addition of sugars, dyes, caramel or other tricks that might replace the slow, natural work of wood. In other words, the beautiful color of the aged grappa from the Antica Distilleria di Altavilla really comes from the release of the wood, without artificial interference.