List of products by brand FRED JERBIS


Fred Jerbis (Polcenigo - Pordenone)

Federico Cremasco’s passion for the cocktails dates back to year 2000 when he started working as barman in various places around the world. A passion which lead to the academy for barman and cocktail he opened in 2008 in Friuli, his region of origin.

In 2014 Federico eventually established Fred Jerbis, his own production of craft spirits.

After practicing foraging for long time (foraging is searching for wild food, plants and herbs) he started farming his own garden with most of the ingredients he uses for his spirits. The first one was a Gin made with 43 different herbs. A bet Federico won as the Fred Jerbis spirits are today a big success all around the world: craft spirits made by a real herbalist.

For in-wine we have selected three of his products: the Gin 43; the Amaro 16, a liquor made with 16 botanical herbs; Gin 7 Camomilla, made with 7 herbs among which chamomile is prevalent in limited edition (only 1951 numbered bottles).