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Caruso (Nicolosi - Catania)

The land on which the vineyards of the winery Caruso stand were formed after the catastrophic eruption of the Volcano Etna in year 1669. The ground consists now of black sand, pumice and volcanic ash. That is a fantastic soil rich in iron, copper, potassium and magnesium perfect for making great wines.
This is the basis for what we call a mineral wine.
The Caruso winery is located on the southern slope of Etna at 850m above sea level and it's a tiny winery with a production of only 3.000 bottles per year on 1 hectare (2 acres).

The Caruso family has been producing wine since the 1970s but only starting from 2017 decided to bottle the wine with their own brand thanks to the initiative of Fabio Caruso, who with his ONAV degree (official wine taster degree) and his studies in agronomy matched the familiar experience with his competence and passion giving birth to extremely elegant wines.