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Ca' del Baio (Treiso - Cuneo)

Ca' del Baio is a place where beauty and taste perfectly meet. This is one of the few cases in Langhe where the winery is in the middle of the vineyards in a gorgeous sort of natural amphitheater.

The Grasso family has been at home here since 1870 when Giuseppe Grasso, the great-grandfather of the actual owner Giulio, purchased the land in Treiso di Barbaresco where still today the family lives and works.

The growth of the winery went hand in hand with the fabulous history of Barbaresco, the local famous red wine that already in year 1924 was recognized as "Vino Tipico di Pregio" (Traditional Fine Wine) by a Royal Decree and then in year 1966 became Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Designation of origin).

The farm strategy brought soon to the production of one wine for each single Cru, making possible the enhancement of the single zones.
A further step towards modernity was the decision to not use any chemicals in the vineyards made possible by a very careful work in the vineyards and green manuring.
As a result normally there is no need of any selected yeasts for the fermentation.

Joining the association The Green Experience was a natural consequence of this way of production.

The hard and succesfull work of Ca' del Baio has been awarded in year 2016 with the nomination of Giulio Grasso as "Best Winemaker of the Year" by the Gambero Rosso Italian Wine Guide.