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Ghiomo (Guarene - Cuneo)

Our appreciation for Ghiomo's wines is certainly influenced by the contagious congeniality of Giuseppino Anfossi, the winemaker - or rather the farmer, as he likes to define himself. In his 10 hectares of property 2km from Alba (the Piedmont region) he produces great quality, gripping wines. Yes, it’s wonderful to be fun loving and kind, but in the end, it’s the quality of the product that truly matters and in this the wines of Ghiomo certainty deliver, whether it be white or red.

The production area is few minutes away from Alba, 60km south of Torino. Attention to detail in the vineyard, a drastic reduction in yields by culling, which reduces the quantity but increases the quality, and care in interpreting the vintages for each specific harvest without fear of creating different wines every year have allowed Giuseppino to achieve remarkable success.