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La Contrada di Sorano (Serralunga d'Alba - Cuneo)

The Contrada di Sorano is the quintessential winery that we look for at in-wine: small (only 2.5 hectares or 6.17 acres), genuine, attentive to quality, nestled on hills with the perfect sun exposure.

Paolo and Cristina have run the company since it was founded and they love full-bodied, rich tasting wines full of personality: whether it be the indigenous Favorita vine, which Paolo produces with a long maceration period on the skins, or be it the Dolcetto or Langhe Nebbiolo, both produced in such a way as to allow their alcohol and tannins free to fully express their potential. The area is Serralunga d’Alba, known for its clayey and limestone rich soil.


Subtitles available in Italian and English.